"With the windows open and light streaming in, it felt as though the unflappable soundtrack of a summer day had joined the small, frenzied landscape of microphones and wires that had been planted all over the room." 

- Throwback Thursday Philly Den Sessions - MORE HERE 

EXCLUSIVE: The National Reserve covers Dylan’s “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” on 52nd Anniversary of Highway 61 Revisited - The Huffington Post


"Lead singer and guitarist, Sean Walsh, has this sort of storyteller voice that will rope you in and make you believe you are at a Honky Tonk in Nashville. Judging from their impressive 2016 live record, this is the kind of band you need to see on a stage”
- Deli Magazine -MORE HERE

"Together, all of the men have a harmonic glory that brings rock and roll front and center at its best. Guitars endlessly twanged and individual solos were slightly just above the rhythm of the crew. What often stole the show was the wailing of the organ that beautifully swept over the audience. “ - Punchland - MORE HERE

The National Reserve brings authentic americana to city winery - Deli Magazine


You can hear The National Reserve's songs Featured in the FX TV series "Terriers" and "Justified"